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How To Get Back With My Ex Girlfriend When She Have Moved On?

There are two sides of the same coin when it comes to getting back with an ex girlfriend. On the gloomier side, once a girl changed her mind, it is very hard to convince her to come back. The good news however, is girls are usually soft-hearted and fall prey to persuasion easily, even if she knew that she was better off alone.

The first scenario usually happens when she is too fed up in a long term (unsuccessful) relationship, and felt unsatisfied waiting for the change that never came. The second is a prime example of why girls are sometimes willing victims of casanovas and bad boys, and could be your weapon to get back with your ex girlfriend. Read on to find out more.

Activate Her Protective Instinct

No matter which type your ex girlfriend belongs to, there's one thing that will ignite pure emotion in her, even when she no longer love you. That is knowing that she no longer hold a special place inside your heart. She will feel the uncomfortable "abandonment", even if she dumped you in the first place as girls are naturally territorial about their boyfriends. Knowing that they no longer "reign" will gnaw at her somehow, and this is the fundamentals to get back your ex girlfriend.

Maintain Your Social Life

Stay hot, meet new people and go on dates once in a while and your "value" will go up in her eyes when she see how fine you are doing without her (and how fine you are yourself). Here
is a warning that you should be aware of though. Girls have lower tolerance for rejection compared to guys, and that's why you don't want to completely let her believe that you have moved on. Casual dates are fine and healthy avenues to make her want you back even more, so use this to your advantage to get back your ex girlfriend.

Reflect On Your Issues

Also, take this time to work out the issues you have in your relationship with her. Girls usually have good reasons to leave a guy, and boy, she will make sure that you knew of them. What was it that she hate in you that eventually drove her out the door? Was it because you were not romantic enough, or you were too sloppy at home? Deal with it, and she will see that you are now more mature and reliable before you can get back your ex girlfriend.

Keep In Touch With Her

During this time, keep communication open in a friendly basis so you can update her on your colorful) life as well as keeping an eye on her personal life. Reveal that you've been casually dating but spare her the details, brushing it off as nothing serious. That way, she will be curious about her position in your heart (somehow it matters to girls even if they wanted out) and will be more likely to tell you about her recent dating activities.

Keep Your Cool

The whole point of this article by the way, is how to get back with an ex girlfriend when she have moved on. Now, when she reveal that she is seeing another guy, don't scream and beg her to stop seeing him! Don't even ask questions about your competition. If you want to get back with your ex girlfriend when she is dating someone else, act nochalant. Tell her that he sounds like a great guy and talk about something else.

Keep Her Guessing

She will probably be taken aback by your surprising lack of interest on HER, especially when a new love is involved. She can either suspect that you are hiding your feelings or you really don't give it much thought. Certainly, it is up to you to make her thin that you're really cool about it. Don't let your words and emotions betray you.

Be There For Her

Fight back your urge to talk bad about this new guy of hers. If she has been having problems with him, don't join her boyfriend bashing to get on her good side. Instead, be a good listener and a true friend. Pretty soon, she will be wondering why she left you in the first place. You want to project yourself as "actively dating" yet "possibly available" at the same time. Set this up so that she knew that if she want you back, she is going to have to fight for it. Get more winning ex back tips by subscribing to our free guide.

Knowing the outline of this strategy is only half of the required knowledge to get back with an ex girlfriend when she have moved on. To read the complete guide, click on the link here.

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